Geneva preview: Mansory tuning program for Rolls Royce Ghost

Swiss tuner Mansory is all about tuning rare and very expensive cars. Their latest offering is for the Rolls Royce Ghost, and as with all their projects this one will draw lot of attention when it premieres next week in Geneva.

Painted in gold and blue it just does not look right. At least we don’t expect to see any of these cars rolling in Europe or North America, but as Mansory customers are mainly in Middle East and Eastern Europe, the design makes some sense.

Other visual changes in addition to the new paint scheme are new side skirts, stainless steel sheeting, rear spoiler and new end pipes.

Stock engine is boosted from 570 hp to 720 hp thanks to larger turbos and maximum torque is 1020 Nm from 780 Nm.

0 to 100 km/h comes in only 4.4 seconds making it half a second faster than the serial version. Top speed limitation has been removed, and stops now at 310 km/h instead of 250 km/h.

All this rides on 22-inch monoblock rims refined with the same golden varnish as the exterior. Interior screams luxury, with large parts of it covered with the most delicate leather with diamond-quilted ornaments, completed by an ultra-suede lining from the roof line to the dashboard.

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