Grove introduces hydrogen fuel-cell car brand in China

Grove hydrogen fuel cell car in China

Grove Hydrogen Automotive announced that it is going to concentrate on fuel-cell cars, starting with a four-door SUV that it prepares to launch in China later this year. The company states it will reach mass production in 2020.

Grove states the car is going to have up to 625 miles of range from its hydrogen tanks, which can be refueled in just a few minutes. The company states the car will be constructed with composite materials and use regenerative braking to maximize performance, that implies that it also includes some battery capacity that could be utilized to provide extra bursts of power beyond the fuel-cell’s output.

The car is planned to debut at May 2019’s Shanghai auto show.

Grove has strategies to sell a line of hydrogen cars, not just a sole model, and will set up experience centers like Tesla stores, in China. It prepares to explore export markets in next year.

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