Hackers arrested after stealing over 30 Jeeps in Texas

Photos of 2015 Jeep Wrangler

About more than a six month period, a pair of hackers broke into and stole over 30 automobiles in the Houston area. The 2 were jailed by cops last Friday while trying to steal another vehicle.

It appears the news concerning car hacking continues to become worse, particularly when it pertains to items from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In 2015, a Jeep Cherokee in St. Louis, Missouri, was wirelessly hacked from Pittsburgh. Nissan needed to close down its Leaf app because of vulnerabilities.

ABC 13 in Houston reports that cops had actually been following Michael Arcee and Jesse Zelay for numerous months but were unable to catch them in the act up until now. The 2 were operating a computer to connect to and start an automobile. It’s uncertain if the connection was through OBD II or USB or if the software application has anything to do with the UConnect infotainment exploit from 2015.

As per ABC 13, Homeland Security is investigating over 100 stoken FCA automobiles that they think were hacked using similar software. After their theft, the automobiles were brought across the border to Mexico. FCA is presently carrying out an internal investigation into the matter.

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