Hamann releases tuning kit for the BMW E89 Z4

The tuning firm famous for giving us the excessive BMWs recently released an E89 Z4 tuning kit.

The Hamann Z4 receives an aerodynamic treatment to further optimize the airflow along its body. The engineers at Hamann replaced the stock front spoiler with a custom development that also has LED day lights. The side skirts of the E89 was also modified to give the car a longer and lowered look.

The lift force on the BMW Z4’s rear axle was decreased by installing a especially developed spoiler by Hamann. They also gave a nice rear apron that has some space for the 4 tailpipe that give this roadster an aggressive throaty sound from the exhaust system of Hamann.

The engine specialists of the tuning firm also boosted the performance numbers of the Z4 that lifted its limited speed of 250 kilometer per hour. The improvement was achieved by tinkering on the control device installed during production upping the numbers to 360 horsepower while revving at 5230 rpm. This is a good improvement from the stock’s 306 hp.

Simultaneously, the torque also improved dramatically from 400 Nm to 540 Nm achieved during revs between 1,300 and 5,000 rpm. The speed of the Hamann Z4 is pegged at 285 km/hr.

To complete the BMW package, Hamann installed a matt black Edition Race lightweight alloy rims. The twenty-inch rims lives by the sporty attitude of the Z4. The wheels are hugged by 235/30ZR29 tires in front and a wider 295/25ZR20 for the back. Special springs for the chassis were also installed and these allow the car to be lowered by as much as 30 millimeters. The handling of the Z4 Roadster was consequently enhanced.

The interior of the car was subtly improved. Hamann installed a gear knob made of aluminum and foot mats customized with the silver logo of the tuning firm. There is also an optional set of leather fittings to complete the look of the Z4.

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