Have Cars really “grown up” with time?

The Automotive Industry is one that is full of changes, improvements and revolutions. Every year thousands of new models of old releases are launched. These new models have a lot of changes going on for them. But something, that most people might or might have not noticed is how “BIG” these cars have gotten (literally!)

Some attribute these changes to the growing space needs of people, others put the blame on changing safety and design regulations. Whatever the case may be, people today are driving much bigger cars than they used to. Even a car like Volkswagen Golf has grown at least 20% in size ever since it’s first launch.

Of course, these new models are far, far better than their predecessors in just about every aspect. But the “size” factor is something that’s a lot more common. Automotive.com recently did an infographic on a few such cars that have really “grown” in size with time.

It’s really interesting to read such researches because it gives you an entirely different perspective on the evolution of the automobile industry.

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