HPE1000: Hennessey jacks up 2010 Camaro SS with 1,000 HP

Hennessey Performance Engineering has beefed up the 2010 Camaro SS by Chevrolet to give it an amazing output of 1,000 horsepower.

The owner of HPE, John Hennessey calls the project as the Big Bad Wolf of the American muscle car scene. Consumers can send in their Camaro SS and be ready for a $65,000 tab to get the HPE1000 tweaking.

The engineers of the tuning firm add twin-turbochargers, intercoolers, cylinder heads (high flow), forged pistons made of aluminum, crank and con rods made from forged steel, custom made cam, stainless steel exhaust, and reworked intake manifold.

The more powerful engine is linked with a manual twin-disc clutch gearbox with six speeds. There is also a heavy duty automatic transmission available.

If you want a complete car with the CarbonAero body package, Brembo brakes, KW coil-over adjustable suspension, P Zero Pirelli tires, and 20 inch rims then be ready to take out $125,000 from your bank account.

HPE also offers other Camaro SS upgrades like the HPE 475 for a naturally aspirated 475 hp powerplant, and the 815 hp twin turbo HPE.

Source: InsideLine

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