Hyundai snuffing out cigarette lighters in favor of USB ports – report

Hyundai has reportedly made an announcement of its plans to replace cigarette lighters with USB ports in all South Korean-bound models.

As per the reports of Seoul, Hyundai had conducted a survey to see how many people use the cigarette lighters and whether they should continue with it in the coming time and the results were mind blowing. The company discovered that 84% of respondents didn’t use the cigarette lighter and in fact more than 90% would rather use a USB port.

Actually speaking the preferences of the customers have changed over a period of time and now with smart phones and MP3 players becoming a fashionable necessity, everybody would want a USB socket in their car whereas smoking has taken a back seat.

While the cigarette lighter might be headed the way of the 8-track and cassette player, it had a remarkable run that spans almost 90 years. Way back in 20s, one of the first automotive-style lighters was patented in 1921 and become standard equipment on many American cars only by 1925.

It is actually a good news as it will in some way discourage people from smoking and will give way to pleasure activities such as listening to music.

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