Hyundai’s CES 2017 concept connects vehicle to the home

Hyundai 2017 CES concept

Hyundai’s CES 2017 presser began with a great deal of the terminology we anticipated from an automaker at CES– connected vehicle, smart home, autonomous vehicle, Internet of Things– however then put a rather bizarre twist on these buzzwords. The automaker’s Mobility Vision concept doesn’t simply practically connect the vehicle to the home with information, it actually joins the mobile and stationary areas by means of a hole in a wall.

We can describe the vision as: When parked, the company’s so-called “hyper-connected intelligent” vehicle, developed in partnership with Cisco, links to an opening in a wall that matches the shape of the vehicle’s door portal. While docked with the house, the vehicle is able connect to the residence network, physically incorporate into the room and fully integrate with the home. The vehicle might share a/c responsibilities with the home’s main system, act as additional space for sitting, relaxing or sleeping, supply emergency power from its hydrogen fuel cell during the time of outages or even physically move its seats into the room area when the owner has visitors over.

When it’s time to drive, simply hop into one of those clever seats, slide into the hyper-connected car and allow it take you away.

The home and the vehicle share a digital connection too, enabling the user to bring aspects of the car’s infotainment into the home area when parked and preserve a virtual connection to the home network and the cloud while moving. In Hyundai’s view, your home and the automobile of the future are two parts of one system.

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