ID.3 car 40% cheaper to build than electric Golf, says Volkswagen

Volkswagen e-Golf images

Volkswagen’s new ID.3 electric vehicle are going to be 40% cheaper to construct than the electric version of its Golf model, Chief Executive Herbert Diess informed investors on Monday.

The battery in the recent ID.3 can be used to bring structural rigidity to the body and the modular layout of the battery permits for advantages in packaging and economies of scale.

“If you focus on an electric platform, all in all it accounts for a 40% reduction against the predecessor electric Golf,” Diess stated. “Most of it from cells and the battery system. Around 5-10% comes from dedicating a whole plant to electric vehicles.”

This cost decrease is one of the reasons that Volkswagen is sure that it can shift from making combustion-engine cars to electric cars without eroding the company’s profit margin, the automaker stated.

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