October 26, 2020

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    Jaguar Land Rover is currently evaluating plans which, if successful might lead to the use of hybrid steel and aluminum in the construction of its new generation cars comprising of newer smaller models. Tata Motors is owns the Jaguar Land Rover right now. The company is expected, as per the analysis of industry experts to vigorously elaborate and expand both of its brands’ line-ups which consists of a new entry-level saloon and a Jaguar roadster.

    Mark White is the carmaker’s body structure boss. Of late, in an interview Mark is reported to have said that, steel would be employed in making the box sections, while aluminum sheets will be used for “floor pans, roof panels, door inners, and outers” in his design of a mixed-material body shell. This would ensure that the sports car saves maximum weight at the “minimum cost.”

    We had reported earlier, a few weeks back that, Jaguar has officially approved, and pronounced the replacement of its X-Type and the much-anticipated ‘F-Type’ roadsters super sports cars.
    Carl-Peter Forster who is the head of the Tata Motors Group has reportedly announced that both the new X-Type and F-Type would be coming in “several variations.” Both X-Type and F-Type are called as XE for production. Auto experts from the industry seem to be of the opinion that the XE baby roadster will be positioned under the XK series. Rumors also seem to complement this analysis.

    In the mean time, the discontinued X-Type is likely to get replaced by the new entry-level model in order to compete with the BMW 3-series in the auto market. The XF’s cosmetic upgrades in 2012 are likely to happen simultaneously alongside the launch of the XF estate.

    Source: 4wheelsnews, justbritish

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