G-Power M5 Hurricane RS is the world’s fastest sedan once again

by Alex

The coveted title of the “world’s fastest sedan” was awarded to the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS, back in 2008. The super sports sedan, at that point in time, was driven at a maximum speed of 228.4 mph. The tuner has, now two years later, broken its own record. As revealed, in some of recent tests, the Hurricane RS could easily hit a top speed of 231.2 mph.

As reported in the Piston Heads, they are “not sure if the new feat was independently witnessed, and it was a peak maximum on an oval test track rather than a speed reached over the flying mile in both directions”. Therefore, if would not be unnatural for one to anticipate a press release, about this record breaking feat, soon being officially made public. However, it would happen only if it is comparable to the previous record setting environment.

A V10 engine in conjunction with a BI-Kompressor system powers the Hurrican RS. This ensures that the Hurricane’s power plant can produce and deliver an impressive 750 hp. A stock M5 produces over 250 hp less than the M5 Hurricane. Two modified superchargers along with an enlarged capacity produce this surplus power for G-Power M5 Hurricane RS. This extra power is result of alliance between G-POWER and its technology partner ASA. An “incomparable response and also much more torque” is yet another feature of the super sports sedan. This extreme performance results from replacement of the standard air box with an aluminum casting.

You may be wondering and dreaming about a fast, sweet, and a memorable ride in G-Power super sports sedan. The only challenge and the potential roadblock that may come in your way and make it little challenging between you and this mighty and beautiful machine, the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS, is its price. The M5 costs you no less than €251,100 which is in itself as impressive as the car itself. Nevertheless, you are free to think of a few other cars for that amount of money.

Source: topspeed

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