Jaguar F-Type to become a road reality

Now that its financial future is safe under the aegis of Tata Motors,  Jaguar is finding it increasingly comfortable to test out new waters and add newer models to its line up. With a billion pounds worth of investments  assured by parent company Tata Motors, it has become easier for the British car maker to add diversity to its products as it won’t have to grapple for funds anymore. Carl-Peter Forster who is heading Jaguar Land Rover has in fact made it clear the company is in the process of launching several new models. Forster also confirmed the F-Type sports car will be one of the slew of new models that Jaguar intends to launch sometime in the future.  The world first got to know of the F-Type sports car way back in 2000 when it was first displayed in concept form.

This however isn’t the first time the F-Type is in news as there has been a lot of speculation with the car like what its going to look like and so on. In fact, rumor has it that the new sports Jag will be up against the like of the mighty Porsche 911 or the Audi R8.

Now to the million dollar question, when can we expect to see the new F-Type hurtling down the road in all its glory. Well, this is the stumbling block as no one has a clear answer as of now. But what can said for sure is that at least the process seems to have started to put the sporty Jag on road going by the way Jaguar have freshened up their entire model line up within the last few years.

Source: autoblog

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