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A new program from JM Cardesign (Bergheim, Germany) is on the market. The tuning company has just released their program for the BMW Z4 E85.

The German company choose to take the front pieces of the new E89 model in order to to mount them on the old Z4. The front bumper and grille were modified to match the headlights, mudguards and bonnet of the E85.

Of course, this is just a small improvement considering that the rear wheel runs were extended by about 30 millimetres on each side, and the wheel running edge was then re-built in the “original” look. This widening also required adjustment of the rear apron and side sills to the new situation. In order to facilitate the cooling air flow to the rear brake systems, the latter also had ventilation openings integrated.

Another thing that was changed, is the colour, from silver to solid black in the in-house paint shop. Also, the door handles, side mirrors and side indicator lights in a BMW logo shape at the doors were also equipped with coming-home-lighting LEDs.

The interior was also a part of the plan, being fitted with dashboard cover, entrance bars, steering wheel spokes and the gear knob were painted the same colour as the car.

Beside this, the BMW Z4 E85 is lowered by a three-thread chassis version KW, adjustable in several parameters like pressure, height and tensile dampening.

Finally, the three-part screwed Work VS XX-light-metal wheel rims with their stars in matte “Gunmetal” at the front are the 9×20 inches ET32, at the rear even a full 11×20 inches ET32. This set of wheels was equipped with Dunlop Sport Maxx high-performance tyres in 245/30R20 and 285/25R20 respectively.

Source: GTspirit

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