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Karma to unveil in 2016

Karma to unveil its renamed luxury electric car this summer

Karma Automotive is moving ahead to finish development of a high-end electrical automobile that it prepares to formally unveil this summertime with a brand-new battery, charger and electrical functions.

The company has actually renamed the automobile to prevent association with its troubled predecessor, which headed out of production in 2012 after money-troubles and a recall activated a sale of the business in bankruptcy court.

Currently owned by Chinese auto parts Wanxiang Group, Karma has moved production tools and equipment to California from Finland and prepares to start selling the relabelled Revero car later on this year. The brand-new name is a mix of the Latin “re” and “vero,” which the firm states mean “fact.”.

An executive with the Costa Mesa, Calif., based company rejected to disclose the price range for the new car or offer a shipment date.

“If you manufacture all kinds of hype then cannot deliver on time, it weakens your trustworthiness,” stated Jim Taylor, a previous General Motors Co. executive who is Karma’s chief marketing officer. “We are bewaring about making promises [because] things take place in car development.”

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