Kia ACE strategy revealed at CES 2018

Kia Unveils ‘ACE’ Strategy For Connected, Electric Vehicles At CES 2018

Kia plans to embrace connected car technologies across every vehicle segment by 2025

At the CES 2018, Kia revealed its vision for the future. The automaker shared its strategies to introduce a whole model series of connected cars by the year 2030 given there’s a big push for electric vehicles across the world.

Kia too will be bringing a whole lot of electrified vehicles. The company revealed that it will be going for least 16 electrified vehicles by the year 2025 with either hybrid, EV, or FCEV power.

Using CES 2018 as a platform, Kia is showing a range of new technologies as part of its new ‘ACE’ strategy to make its vehicles more autonomous, connected, ecological and electric. These unique categories will be the focus of Kia as it wants to advertise its first level 4 autonomous driving technology by 2021. The company prepares to run a large-scale test fleet for autonomous innovation on public roads from 2019, leading the way for commercial production of the technology.

“By 2025, we will provide an overall of 16 advanced powertrain automobiles, with five new hybrids and plug-in hybrids, 5 new battery EVs, and an all-new mass market FCEV. Due to launch in 2020, this FCEV will spearhead Kia’s efforts to recognize a zero-emission future for mobility,” stated Woong-chul Yang, Vice Chairman and Head of Kia R&D Center.

By 2025, Kia will embrace connected car technologies throughout every vehicle sector, and aim to make every model a connected vehicle by 2030.

“Kia’s connected vehicles will be both boundless and linked and offer a new sort of mobility experience. Virtual reality, self-driving vehicles, and ‘vehicle-to-everything’ connectivity were all once considered technologies of the distant future. As they quickly come true, Kia is exploring ways to release these new technologies for its customers. Our strategy and vision for future mobility is shown by a range of interactive displays, showing exactly what our clients can expect,” stated Vice Chairman Yang.

Kia ACE strategy revealed at CES 2018

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