Lamborghini might bring in the Estoque to take on Rapide, Panamera

by Alex

After the doubts that did the rounds regarding the stunning Estoque four-door coupe concept from Lamborghini turning into reality the statement from their CEO Stephan Winkelmann has placed these doubts to rest. As per him “a four-door car would be a very feasible approach” to a third model for the brand.

The Estoque was first displayed at the Paris Auto Show in 2008 and looked as if it would next be seen at the production lines. However, a clarification from Lamborghini soon thereafter put paid to such hopes as the company made it known the car has not been approved for production and that they have no immediate plans to build the car as well.

But now it seems there are chances of revival of the Estoque. The reasons behind the Estoque getting a second lease of life is the improved economic scenario with buyers showing a willingness to buy luxury cars along with the fact that Lamborghini too, on its part is keen to come out with a model that can rake in the volumes. The only left over niggling doubt on the Estoque’s production is the statement by Winkelmann where he has asked for caution prior taking a jump into any project that is not assured of higher returns.

However, Lamborghini isn’t suggesting a sales figure akin to the Toyota Camry for a four-door coupe that features in the super-high-performance segment. Instead, the Panamera from Porsche that has become a hit might make for a more reasonable comparison. The Panamera has already touched the 25,000 mark and is still going strong, making it the second largest selling model behind the Cayenne which continues to be the volume leader. With its gorgeous looks and having these sales figures from its competing models there is strong conclusion that can be drawn of the Estoque being able to get back equal if not more sales figures. More so since the Estoque scores over the Panamera with its stunning looks. The closest competitor though to the Estoque is not going to be the Panamera which can be held as a ‘loose corporate cousin’ but the Aston Martin Rapide, both from a price and performance perspective. The Rapide comes with a 6.0-liter V-12 engine with power rating of 470 hp and torque of 443 lb ft. For this power and performance the Rapide is priced at $200,000.

The Estoque on the other hand is is a four-door coupe and derives its power from a 5.2 liter V10 engine delivering 560 hp. However, Lamborghini has stated there are chances of the engine being anything from a V12 TDI or even a V8 hybrid. The price is expected to be $200,000 at the most though there might even be some models of lesser price as well to appeal to a wider consumer base to ensure they sell in good numbers. Expect the Estoque to enter production phase not before 2012, if it indeed does.

Source: motorauthority

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