Lancer Evo VII Breaks Free Of Dyno

A useful tool in any racers list of items to remain in serious contention is the Dynamometer. Also commonly referred to as the dynos, this tool would be able to calculate the quantum of horsepower and torque that is being transferred to the wheels without the necessity of actually driving the car around in the race track.

A group of students at the Mech-Tech College in Ponce, Puerto Rico were doing just that when disaster struck. They were trying to pace a Lancer Evolution VII using a dynamometer in the school. The Lancer went through the first 16 seconds without any untoward incident and then it careened off to its left and slid off. This is what the video depicts.

The reason for this to have occurred as per EvolutionM forum is the loose strapping of the car. There should have been a Blow Off Valve (BOV) dump tube which should have been added that makes the car behave the appropriate way when it is on the dyno stand rather than the way it behaves when in a track. This safety feature had not been applied to the car when it was tested at the school premise.

Source: carscoop

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