The Land Rover Discovery 5 – The Family Car Of Dreams

Jaguar Land Rover Discovery 5

2017 is seeing big things happening for the vehicle industries. A lot of manufacturers are choosing to drop the classics and focus on moving forward with their brand. For instance, Land Rover stopped their production of their iconic Defender in 2016, but it’s only been onwards and upwards for the UK based car company since then. The fifth generation of their popular Discovery model has been steadily rolling off the production line for the past couple of months, ready to be dispersed between countryside and cities alike. It’s this gradual turn away from country-living aesthetics which is seeing a growing demand for such models coming out; no longer are people relying on the Range Rover, but Land Rover is making its way out too.


Jaguar Land Rover


So what does this mean for the average joe? Not everyone can afford the upwards of £50k price tag on these beautiful beasts, and as such have to wait for the depreciation to kick in once it drives off the dealership forecourt or bide our time and save up. Utilising offers on the internet for auto coupons on sites such as may be able to get you towards your goal quicker than you had anticipated. There are some deals which may relate to older and different models on this site also, which may be of interest.


If, however, you are in the market for the new Land Rover Discovery, you need to take a look at what else this car has to offer you. Look beyond the smooth curves (a welcome change from the block, square designs that Land Rover have been known and loved for over the years) and ditch the associations with the Discos of the past. This is a vehicle which is making its way into family life rather than giving itself to the farming way of living, and is doing so in a brilliant way. The spare tyre was dropped off the back with the Discovery 3, and it’s only been onwards and upwards since then in terms of the practicality of the vehicle and getting everything on the inside for a growing family – not business.


Jaguar Land Rover


Fit In The Family


The previous SUVs that Land Rover had to offer grew in size throughout the generations. The Discovery 5 offers seven seats, as has been the case for its predecessors, but this is still something that doesn’t lose touch – especially for those who are concerned about space. The far rear two seats can be folded down to make for an even bigger boot space, whether this is utilised as room for dogs, suitcases or just your general day-to-day belongings. The boot space provided is already an impressive 228 litres with all seven seats in place.


Drive Like A Dream


There is increased suspension in this model which aids the smoothness of the drive without making it seem like you are going to be flung from the vehicle at any minute. Not only this, but there has been a 480kg weight reduction across the whole motor coming from a high aluminium-based shell – that’s almost 75 stone of unnecessary metal that previous generations were hauling about. That’s a lot to add to the safety features. There is added suspension in the boot to help it be lowered for those who aren’t quite within the reach of its tall stature. Quite the change from the demands of the late 80s Defenders which required a certain amount of stamina to launch yourself into.


Jaguar Land Rover


Look The Part


There’s no denying that Land Rover have truly excelled themselves in terms of style here. But it’s not just the whole look of the car that they have really gone to town on – it’s the quality of both the interior and exterior, too. The panoramic windscreen is the biggest that Land Rover have ever fitted onto one of their vehicles, and although the interior fabrics are interchangeable and up to consumer preference, the good-quality leather recommendation is hard to say no to.
In brief, this is looking like the family car of dreams – but for many, that’s where it will remain. Is it affordable for the majority? Well, no, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t something to aim for. The seats cater for full adult sizes and can be added and deduced as necessary. The towing load for it is far greater than any Disco or Defender that Land Rover have ever produced, and it’s sure to turn a few heads when pulling up in it at the school gates. What’s not to love?

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