7 Ways To Spruce Up Your Automotive Maintenance Hobby

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Any petrolhead can tell you that the science and art of maintaining, driving and ultimately enjoying cars and motorbikes is a ride that never ends. With so much to learn and so many road miles to explore it can sound ridiculous that someone has become bored with it. But, as with anything, sometimes a labor of love can quickly deteriorate into just labor if we don’t spend time renewing the inspiration for our passion.


What follows is a list of the best ways to overcome a potential boredom with the hobby we love so much. If you’re not bored, this list will be applicable to helping you out of your comfort zone and progressing further in your knowledge than ever before.


  1. Replace your car’s engine.


Is your car performing at its optimum potential? Ever wondered what your roadhorse would sound like with a v8 engine? Sometimes this can be one of the most satisfying ways to rejuvenate your passion for car maintenance, and it’s a primal attitude. Add more power. You might surprise yourself with the satisfaction you feel after a correctly installed new engine powers your roadster off the lot.


  1. Pimp your interior.


You don’t need Xzibit to come and sort out your car for you these days, as there are many amazing and interesting designs you can take inspiration from online. Checking an online automotive auction house like eBay can yield some interesting return results. You don’t have to reupholster your seats with pink leather, but turning your attention from the outside to the inside of the vehicle might give you the necessary mental unwinding time to make working on your car feel fresh.


  1. Purchase new tools.


Maybe you’re getting annoyed because your tools aren’t up to par. Is it possible that you could make an investment in your workshop or toolbox to make it feel new again? This is a great way to feel ‘upgraded’ and willing to take on the next challenge.


  1. Get an expert opinion.


If you’re struggling for ideas, why not invite over someone you trust in your field of interest, and ask them what they’d do in your automotive shoes.


  1. Try your hand at classic car restoration.


Classic car restoration is a huge trend that grows in popularity every day. Upgrading a modern car is one thing, but restoring a car from the 1960’s to compete with those of today’s standard is something else entirely. Paying respect to all eras of car manufacturing can give you a sense of perspective and also nurture inspiration down the road. An online search can tell you what’s going on locally in your area.


  1. Turn your motorcycle into a trike.


Yes, this is possible. Not only can you decorate or replace your engine on your bike, but you can refit the actual definition of what your motorbike does. This is a deeply involved process and requires a tonne of research so be sure to keep your head about you. With the right kit however, anything is possible.


  1. Teach someone.

Providing a class or teaching a child the wonders of car maintenance can be a wondrous way to rekindle your love for it. Not only will this benefit you, but teaching someone will help them gain lifelong skills that might just help them out of a tricky roadside breakdown.

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