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Leading Made-In-USA cars are from Toyota, Honda

When it concerns discovering the most American of U.S.-made car, the one that’s integrated in an American factory with the most locally produced parts, answer would be Japan.

Toyota and Honda are leading in the race when it comes to having automobiles that would be considered the most American, as per Cars.com.

The most popular vehicle that is assembled in the U.S. with the needed portion of domestic content is the Toyota Camry for the second year in a row, states Cars.com’s annual survey. The top 5 all come from Toyota or Honda.

After the Camry, there are the Honda Accord sedan, Toyota Sienna minivan, Honda Odyssey minivan and Honda Pilot SUV.

Just then, in sixth place, does a Detroit Big 3 make an appearance with the Chevrolet Traverse, a crossover SUV.

It is then followed by two other General Motors SUVs– GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave. All 3 are made in Lansing, Mich. In order to make the list, vehicles have to have at least 75% domestic content. Camry, Sienna, Odyssey and Pilot are having 75%. The rest have 80%, states Cars.com.

Whole list:

Rank Make/Model U.S. Assembly Location 2015 Rank
1 Toyota Camry Georgetown, Ky., or Lafayette, Ind. 1
2 Honda Accord Marysville, Ohio –
3 Toyota Sienna Princeton, Ind. 2
4 Honda Odyssey Lincoln, Ala. 4
5 Honda Pilot Lincoln, Ala. –
6 Chevrolet Traverse Lansing, Mich. 3
7 GMC Acadia Lansing, Mich. 5

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