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Luxury at its finest! New Audi A8 L

The new Audi A8 L is being launched with a twelve-cylinder engine, with with all the engines currently offered for the A8 following later in the year.

Audi first introduced the twelve cylinder in the A8 back in 2001. Today’s W12 has a bigger displacement, and gasoline direct injection boosts its output and its efficiency.

The 6.3 FSI engine has an output of 500 hp)and delivers its peak torque of 625 Nm (460.98 lb-ft) at engine speeds at 3,250 rpm. It sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 4.9 seconds and effortlessly reaches its governed top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

Average fuel consumption is only 12.0 liters per 100 kilometers (19.6 US mpg), a figure well below that of competitors’ cars with V12 engines. The previous 6.0-liter engine, which had a power output of 331 kW (450 hp), recorded a fuel consumption of 13.6 l/100 km (17.3 US mpg).

New Audi A8 L is 130 mm longer than the regular version. Overall length is now 5,267 millimeters (17.28 ft), offering plenty of room for the rear passengers with tons of comfort and safety features.

The back doors are longer, for even more convenient entry, and the space available inside can only be described as opulent. Two separate power-adjustable seats can heated, ventilated and adjusted in a variety of ways.

Separate controls for the rear air conditioning are also standard. The luxury four-zone automatic air conditioning is controlled by no fewer than 25 adjusting motors. While doing work on your laptop one can comfortably rest their feet on a reclining seat behind the front passenger’s seat.

A folding table, additional wood and leather trim, a refrigerator and a Rear Seat Entertainment system with two 10.2-inch screens are among the features that promote relaxed travel or alternatively concentrated work in this mobile lounge. And as always everything is finished with the finest leather.

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