Burning car in Vandalia, Ohio, January 2021

Man called hero after saving a person from burning car in Ohio

A Huber Heights man was on his way home from work when he saw a car on fire in Vandalia, Ohio.

The crash took place on Thursday night and the tire marks can still be observed in the grassy area and where the car burned.

A witness said he saved the man who was inside the car as it was burning.

The video of the car burning was taken by Ernest Hanselman. He helped rescue the man from the burning car.

“I really couldn’t believe how fast the car went up in flames,” said Hanselman.

He said he was driving home from work and as he was getting onto Interstate 70 from Interstate 75, he observed the car’s headlights in the bushes, so he pulled over.

Hanselman said, “As I walked closer to the car, you can actually hear someone kicking the door, trying to get out of the car.”

Hanselman is a car salesman. He is being called a hero because of his actions given he put his life in danger to save the life of a stranger.

Hanselman said he still does not know the man’s name he rescued or how he’s doing after the crash.

Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the matter and said the driver was under the influence and is now facing charges.

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