The Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo

Porsche maybe known to be the makers of stylish cars and have gained lots of name for it, but the Panamera has been the main reason for Porsche makers reaching wuthering heights in popularity and demand. The low priced V6 version of the Panamera is more sought after and has brought the otherwise stately but high priced Porsche within the reach of a larger consumer base. Its fuel efficient V6 engine is also another reason why demand for this car been soaring.

The only drawback of having more Panameras on the road is them attaining a somewhat run of the mill look. There is the real risk of its features becoming nondescript and non distinct so that it would no longer be immediately noticeable amongst the many cars that stand in a line in traffic. So, how to bring back that touch of exclusivity to your Panamera. There is but the option of tuning done at a tuning house which could be carried out on the car to make it a distinct one.

Mansory is one such tuning house that does wonders on the Panamera Turbo and converts it into a distinct piece of attractive beauty. Shown in the photograph is one of their re-work on a Panamera which has turned the car into a piece of automotive art. The carbon fiber hood, spoiler, trim wheels and the paint has all been done up and which also extends to the interior.

It is not only the looks of the vehicle that would be tweaked. Even the performance would be tweaked and theĀ  model has been modified with a 4.8L twin turbo V8 engine that boosts output to an impressive 690 hp against its original factory setting engine that is good enough for 500 hp. There is also the associated pick up in the 0 to 62 mph sprint time, the Panamera will munch up that much of road length in 4 seconds flat. Matches the zoinks and scoob in this.

Now to the most important thing. How much will this journey into extroversion cost you? All this premium tuning and service comes at premium price, about $132,600 MSRP. And its not a joke.

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  1. i saw the price of $132,600 to have the mansory porsche done is that seperate from the price of the car.which is $130.000

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