Many car brands emit more pollution than Volkswagen, study finds

A year on from the Dieselgate scandal, a new surprising research study exposes that all major diesel automobile brands, including Fiat, Vauxhall and Suzuki, are offering designs that discharge far greater levels of pollution than Volkswagen.

The automobile market has faced fierce scrutiny since the United States government asked Volkswagen to recall practically 500,000 vehicles last year after finding it had installed illegal software on its diesel cars to cheat emissions tests. However a new thorough research study by project group Transport & Environment (T&E) found not one brand name abide by the current “Euro 6” air pollution limitations when driven on the road which Volkswagen is far from being the worst offender.

“We’ve had this focus on Volkswagen as a ‘dirty carmaker’ but when you look at the emissions of other manufacturers you find there are no really clean carmakers,” states Greg Archer, clean vehicles director at T&E. “Volkswagen is not the carmaker producing the diesel cars with highest nitrogen oxides emissions and the failure to investigate other companies brings disgrace on the European regulatory system.”

T&E analysed emissions test information from about 230 diesel vehicle models to rank the worst carrying out vehicle brands based upon their emissions in real-world driving situations. Fiat and Suzuki (which utilize Fiat engines) top the list with their latest diesels, developed to fulfill Euro 6 requirements, gushing out 15 times the NOx limit; while Renault-Nissan vehicle emissions were evaluated to be more than 14 times greater. General Motors’ brand names Opel-Vauxhall also fared terribly with emissions discovered to be 10 times higher than allowed levels.

The brand-new models are not breaking the law and the automakers state they comply with all existing regulations. However vehicles have the ability to be on the road because of the distinction between emissions produced in lab tests and real on-road driving scenarios.

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