Mazda Super20 MX-5 along with other tuned models make it to the SEMA Show

by Alex

Modification of the MX-5 roadster, Mazda2, and Mazda3 models are being fed to the people at large through the examples that are on display at the SEMA show. The number of visitors at this event is huge and Mazda is taking full advantage of this condition.

There is the Mazda2s model that is on display in two different versions. The sleek one would be road smart and the other a sport model for burning the track.

The car has been lowered on a set of 15x9s and some lower body graphics has been added. The rims of the Mazda2 Evil Track are what give it the name. The finish is also an aggressive vinyl. The car meets all the safety standards laid down by NASA and SCCA. The Mazda2 rides on H&R coilovers and sports a Mazda Design body kit.

The Mazda3s on show has a 500 hp engine tucked under its hood and rolls on 18 inch Volk wheels. The engine is a 2.5 liter turbo charged four cylinders make. The name of this model is aptly given as “Redline Time Attack” and the Turbo4 door models. The turbo four doors on its turn have a 250 hp output and has a sporty black out treatment meted to it. It also has the brakes from Mazdaspeed3 and the 19 inch RX-8 R3 wheels. This model also sits over a KW coilover and has a new rear sway bar too.

The next car we see is the race car named Grand-Am GT RX-8. The car has been built by SpeedSource and Riley Technologies and has a tube frame skeleton. It is fitted with a 3-rotor 20B Mazda racing engine, and has been doing well in the Grand-Am GT series by taking six of twelve races.

The MX-5 on display weighs less than 2,600 lbs and the engine output is 195 hp. There is the other MX5 that is the anniversary model and is named the Siper20. The fenders of this model have been expanded to around 16 inch Enkeis. It also has a stripped-down interior with roll-bar and suede (those two go hand-in-hand), and a supercharged Cosworth mill. Modifications have also been done to the brake system (lines, rotors, pads, ducts) and performance-oriented suspension tuning (hollow sway bars, shock tower brace, Mazdaspeed coilovers).

Design director of Mazda North America says, “The versatility of Mazda vehicles is extraordinary. With just minor modifications to a stock Mazda, it can be ready for the track or a car show. Our SEMA cars demonstrate this ability; taking a vehicle from the dealership and making it a truly unique piece.”

Mazda has been known to be cheap with no loss in performance of efficiency. It is time they thought about moving upscale and that would give other company a run for their money.

Source: carscoop

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