Mazda to Revive the MPS Badge

The MPS badge that belongs to the Japanese automaker, Mazda, has long been dead. Fans of the brand will have known it for a long time. Yet, the Japanese automaker has made an official announcement, hinting that the long-dead MPS badge is to be resurrected. With that being said, it should be safe to say that the company is prepping some hot derivatives for its loyal customers.

As pointed out by Ayumu Doi, the chief engineer of Mazda2, during a recent interview with the Autocar, the MPS badge has not been really dead, contrary to the common belief. As a matter of fact, Doi claims that Mazda has actually been investigating any possibilities of coming up with an MPS-badged vehicle model for all these years. Speaking of a vehicle that will bear the MPS badge, it seems that the Mazda2 supermini has a great potential. It is also believed that like all other modern day Mazda vehicles, the ones that have the MPS badge on them will also going to benefit from the Japanese company’s Skyactiv technology.

So far, the Japanese automaker has yet to disclose what kind of characteristics or performance that upcoming MPS-badged vehicles may have to offer. Nevertheless, Doi does reveal that these vehicles will take advantage of parts upgraded from Mazda’s Skyactiv catalog instead of just bespoke parts, no matter what the end result will actually be.

In addition to the Mazda2 MPS, Kudo Hidetoshi, the chief person in charge of Mazda’s global public relations, revealed just a bit earlier this week that the MX-5 model might as well receive the MPS badge, too. However, Hidetoshi did not forget to mention that the Japanese automaker had yet to make any final decision so far. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be long before we hear more official news from Mazda.

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