Mercedes-Benz EQV Electric Minivan Concept Unveiled at 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz EQV Electric Minivan Concept at 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Mercedes-Benz unveiled Tuesday at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show a conceptual electric luxury minivan that it refers as the EQV Concept.

The EQV is the second vehicle in Mercedes’s increasing “EQ” passenger electric vehicle (EV) lineup, and is said to be the world’s first purely electric luxury minivan. Its style follows in the electric EQC crossover’s stylistic footsteps, embracing blue highlights and a modernized styling language different from Mercedes’ non-electric lineup. Power in the EQV is controlled by a 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) lithium-ion battery to propel a 201-horsepower electric motor on the car’s front axle, which can haul the EQV up to 249 miles on single full charge, or to a top speed of 99 miles per hour.

Mercedes has not informed that which testing protocol the EQV would accomplish this range, though its utilization of the NEDC standard for the EQC’s range recommends that the EQV’s range estimate is also on the generous side.

The EQV’s battery can be charged from ordinary power sockets, wall boxes, or fast chargers, from which Mercedes states the EQV can obtain 62 miles of range in 15 minutes, though the wattage need to reach this charge rate was not revealed.

Technical highlights of the car consist of a range of up to 400 kilometers and quick charging to allow a range of 100 kilometers within only 15 minutes. What’s more, the vehicle provides great possible level of comfort in its interior and maximum functionality.

“The Concept EQV embodies our ‘Progressive Luxury’ approach by merging the analogue and digital worlds into a single entity,” stated
Gorden Wagener, Daimler’s Chief Design Officer.

“The EQ design idiom offers the vehicle with its unmistakable appearance and includes some impressively progressive shapes, and in the interior, too, the cool aesthetics of the exterior continue, being complemented by warm accents, like those in rose gold, which signify the whole ‘Welcome Home effect.’ The focus in the cockpit of our Concept EQV is on the recent and intuitive MBUX system.”

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