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Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 emerges winner in the Nurburgring North Loop

Last Saturday at the VLN long distance championship that was held, the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 went on to win the ninth race. The car had debuted with a failure during the VLN Endurance championship race held at Nurburgring.

The team named Black Falcon comprised of Thomas J├Ąger (33) and Christopher Haase (23) who drove the car during the race last Saturday. The team started up at the seventh place and it was sheer skill and grit that brought them to the position of acclaim and laurels. In the very first lap it was Thomas Jager who crossed over to the fourth place with the start number 738. By the time the 10th lap was being completed the driver had taken the car to the top position leading the pack. It was Christopher Haase who took over the wheels thereafter and sent the car through the fastest lap time of 9:24.565 minutes in the 13th circuit to be able to retain the leading position of the race.

An unfortunate collision between the second spot car, a sister car of the GT3, with an Audi R8 LMS, ended up with the removal of the car from the race. The car was being driven by Christian Mamerow and the Audi by Frank Stippler/ Marc Basseng. The collision occurred at lap 5 and led to a damage in the wheel suspension.

Source: topspeed

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