September 27, 2020

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    2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG gets yet another design package, this time from MEC Design

    There are a plethora of aftermarket companies that have different programs for the Mercedes SLS AMG. And with the car’s ever growing popularity, more companies, as expected are ready to work on the German supercar, some even have done so multiple times. As far as working on the SLS AMG is concerned, MEC Design can […]

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    2011 Mercedes SLS AMG Emergency Medical Vehicle

    Mercedes unveiled their new SLS AMG Emergency Vehicle at the 2011 RETTmobil event – the largest European trade fair for rescue and mobility. The event was held between the 11th till the 13th May. Not much of the design study details are known as yet, but the images that have been released by the company […]

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    2011 Mercedes SLS AMG Widebody. Another SLS tuning package from FAB Design

    A showroom in Dubai has a car that would get everyone’s attention even though Geneva right now is hosting the spotlight of all auto shows to be. Fab Design, a noted and renowned tuning firm have done up this Mercedes SLS AMG and thus calls for viewers attention. This is the second package that they […]

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    2011 Brabus SLS

    The German tuning firm Brabus is well known for their tuning efforts on Mercedes Benz cars. The package for the Brabus Rocket has already taken the viewers attention and now there is information that they would have more aftermarket effects to show. The Brabus SLS comes with a matte grey finish externally and this looks […]

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    2015 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell to be a production reality

    The stage at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show was in a way set by Mercedes Benz with their announcement that they would be putting into production the SLS AMG E-Cell model. This was part of their company’s “AMG Performance 2015” policy in which their endeavor was to produce cars that had lower emission levels and […]

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    Mercedes SLS AMG gets involved in a serious accident in London

    Where the Ferrari 458 Italia failed, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG did establish its credentials and that is out on the street. There have been few crash reports of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG till now, and this could be attributed to safe drivers itself or the safety features that the car comes integrated with. […]

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    Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 will feature in the 24-hour race in Dubai

    The Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 has been the talk of the town and the auto world for quite a while now. January 14, 2011 would however be its litmus test day as it gets to participate in its first racing event of the year. There would be three other cars that would be racing alongside […]

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    2010 Mercedes SLS AMG gets new tuning package from Wheelsandmore

    Wheels and More is well known for turning a car into a fortune for car owners who are willing to go one step ahead with their set of wheels. This tuner is quite different from the ones you would find in the automobile market. Rarely do they change the interiors or the exterior nature of […]

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    Mercedes SLS AMG snorts like a raging bull post Renntech makeover

    If by any chance your car becomes center of attraction of an automobile tuner, be proud of your car and assure yourself that you’ve bought the right car for yourself. We have tried to find out what the ecstasy at the Mercedes is all about. All of us are curious to know. They have been […]

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    2010 Mercedes SLS 63 Supersport from Kicherer

    Mercedes came out with the SLS AMG in response to McLaren’s MP4-12C. The MP4-12C though has a bit more of power than the SLS AMG and while Mercedes were contemplating whether to do something in this aspect a German tuning company by name of Kicherer came up with a project doing just that. In collaboration […]

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    Brabus creates the 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG Widestar

    The Essen Motor show is kicking of this weekend bringing along a host of tuning projects. Cars including Mercedes SLS-AMG are making the motor show yet more exciting. Brabus, the German tuner is all prepared to display its fine tuned version of the Mercedes SLS-AMG. The car comes along with a kit that has made […]

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    Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 emerges winner in the Nurburgring North Loop

    Last Saturday at the VLN long distance championship that was held, the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 went on to win the ninth race. The car had debuted with a failure during the VLN Endurance championship race held at Nurburgring. The team named Black Falcon comprised of Thomas Jäger (33) and Christopher Haase (23) who drove […]

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    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 vs. Lexus LFA in a performance car slugfest

    All those watchers and admirers of the SLS AMG, hold your sight and admiration and take a fresh look at the old and experienced SLR McLaren. This car was a much about vehicle better for long cruises and it didn’t had much in the all round performance of the car, but being in such conditions […]

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