2011 Mercedes SLS AMG Emergency Medical Vehicle

Mercedes unveiled their new SLS AMG Emergency Vehicle at the 2011 RETTmobil event – the largest European trade fair for rescue and mobility. The event was held between the 11th till the 13th May.

Not much of the design study details are known as yet, but the images that have been released by the company themselves show silver colored SLS AMG that has the German word ‘Notarzt’ along its side. This word means ‘Emergency’ in English. For red and blue color combination that is associated with emergency, the car has blue light beams and red exterior accent paint. There would be emergency equipment that would be filing up the interior of the car though there is doubt if the car has enough space to fit a stretcher at the rear.

It can be closely assumed that the engine fit would be a 6.3 liter V8 unit that develops 571 hp and up to 479 lb ft of torque which is what is found in the standard model from the company. The power figures is also considered sufficient for the Emergency Vehicle. There is of course the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-Polizia that was reveled back in 2009 which can be used as a comparator for engine fit.

Source: topspeed

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