2011 Jaguar XK E-Type to celebrate 50 years of the E-Type model

The XK E-Type model is the symbol of Jaguar celebrating the 50th anniversary of their E-Type models. Just 50 units of this model would be produced and priced at 100,300 euro or $144,000 at the current exchange rates.

The car would come in a Black Cherry color having a black hood and wheels of Tamana 19 inch Red Badge Jaguar Heritage. There would be chrome insertions on the front grilles, the wing mirrors, air intakes, and window surrounds. For interior make up the E-Type celebration model would come with a combination of Ivory and Charcoal with a special “Jaguar Heritage” logo on the seat’s headrest. Hammered leather make up for the seat covers while aluminium is the material than the bridge has been made up of with the brand-new Engine Spin finish.

There is more for the 50 customers who get to own the Jaguar XK E-Type Celebration model in which they get to drive a historic E-type for one week.

Source: topspeed

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