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Mercedes SLS AMG gets involved in a serious accident in London

Where the Ferrari 458 Italia failed, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG did establish its credentials and that is out on the street. There have been few crash reports of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG till now, and this could be attributed to safe drivers itself or the safety features that the car comes integrated with.

So the net result is, its only one Mercedes Benz SLS AMG that has crashed ever since the release of the car a year ago and now there has been a second one that has been reported.

The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG in question collides with a Vauxhall Astra in some street of London and the crash was serious one as per news that has filtered out. Eye witness accounts received mention about one of the two involved cars skipping a red light that lead to the collision incident due to loss in steering and control of the other vehicle.

The SLS AMG indeed suffered serious damage as is evident from the photographs that have been displayed.

Source: topspeed

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