Michigan Law Opposed Tesla To Sell Its Car Directly To Customers

Tesla Model X

Michigan banned Tesla for selling luxury cars directly to the customer. Tesla is a car company, selling car in many countries and also in 23 US states. But it is not allowed to sell its electronic vehicle to directly to Michigan people. It cannot get license to sell its vehicle.

Tesla filed a lawsuit against three Michigan officials. They are not interested in selling the car with the help of dealers, since they prefer to sell directly to customers. Michigan government opposed it, so they prevented this company to get license, for operating in their state.

Local dealers are also opposing the company and they are also preventing the entry of the luxury car sold by Tesla. Law framed in Michigan also opposed Tesla and it prevents them from selling as well as repairing vehicle in this city. All car manufactures are selling through dealers but Tesla is opposing the rules.

Tesla’s complaint asserts that this law violates “the Due Process, Equal Protection, and Commerce Clauses of the Constitution as applied to Tesla, by prohibiting Tesla from selling its vehicles directly to consumers and by precluding Tesla from performing service and repairs within the State.”

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