Mysterious Mercedes rendering surface online, is it the next-generation E-Class?

Recently several mysterious renderings of a sleek new Mercedes model have surfaced on the internet.

Not much is known about the picture and the model rendered in it but they seem to be apparently created by Hussein Al-Attar in 2011. The picture displays an attractive sedan with softy curved surfaces, a prominent grille and distinctive headlights.

The company’s Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog suggested that the pictures were an early preview of the next-generation E-Class, but they were not entirely conceived as the renderings seem more conceptual than production-intent.

Also the fact that the renderer Al-Attar has also left Mercedes to work on the headlights and taillights for the BMW 4-Series Coupe concept, it seems quite unlikely that he would have headed such an important project like the E-Class for the company.

So nothing much can be said about the same currently but the renderings look quite interesting and appealing and will have to see what the company has to say about in future.

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