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Mobile Auto Detailing Business

What You Would Need to Start a Mobile Detailing Business

The real beauty of a mobile auto detailing business is that there is no need for a physical location which makes all those start-up costs disappear immediately. There will be zero rent or rates to pay. All those other costs involved, such as wages, inventory, and the myriad of start-up costs which sometimes stops a new business in its tracks before it can even start will be eliminated.

How a Mobile Detailing Business Works

For the new entrepreneur living on a shoe string the is the ideal business. Inexpensive tools and supplies can be bought initially and then changed and upgraded as the business needs arise. Jobs can be performed at a variety of venues such as, the clients place of residence, in public car parks, garages or driveways.

Essential Items Needed to Get Started

In this age of mobile communication, it is necessary to have a reliable mobile phone service for those around the clock calls. It is also essential to have a mode of transport large enough to carry the supplies and tools needed for the job. Some business owners opt for a trailer with security cages. The largest item would possibly be a petrol generator as these are a must for every eventuality on the road. SGS Engineering carry a great range of this product to suit every business size.

Marketing Requirements to Start a Mobile Detailing Business

The business name and logo should be clearly painted on the business vehicle. Bright and sunny emblems and wording are always great to catch peoples’ attention. It is extremely important to be seen by as many potential customers as possible. High visibility can also be attained by purchasing quality business cards and banners. Fliers are not such a great idea any longer due to their bad carbon footprint and are quite unnecessary in these days of technological genius.

Valeting and Cleaning Business

This is another area of huge potential for the aspiring entrepreneur. Again, there is no need for big expenditure. A large stock of cleaning supplies and accessories will be the main output after the vehicle has been purchased. Supplies range from polishes, waxes, car wash detergents, vacuums, carpet and rug stain removers, buckets, sponges and cloths. A few more high tech essentials will also come in handy such as window cleaning equipment, hoses, carpet shampooers and deep fabric cleansers. With all of this on board it is hit the road time.


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  1. Great article. Would you supply information regarding the detailing vehicles in your photo. I am interested in using the smallest vehicle for my business needs.

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