New Rolls-Royce drophead gets a name

Rolls Royce is one of the finest luxury automobile which attracts huge customers in all over the world. The roof open Rolls Royce car is termed as Dawn. This name is first populated in 1949.

Rolls Royce started from 1906 and it’s a subsidiary part of BMW AG. From 1950 to 1954, they have launched only 28 units of drop head body cars. Only one car called as Silver dawn is constructed from direct Rolls Royce factory where as the other drop head cars are built in subset part of the Rolls Royce factories.

World dealership conference is held in Los Angeles, where they have discussed with Marque’s 130 strong dealer networks to launch the new global car in 2016. As per discussion they are expected to design a new Dawn Rolls Royce car delivers 642 bhp 6.6 liter and the engine V12 tubocharger. This increases the excitement within the automakers and fans.

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