Next gen Bentley Azure in the works, will be based on the Mulsanne

When the Arnage go, will the Azure also be saying goodbye? No. Not really.

The new Bentley Mulsanne will take over the reigns from the Arnage as the marques flagship car but according to a report filed by Insisde Line, a new convertible Azure is on the drawing board. Bentley also hints that the Azure will be using the updated platform of the Mulsanne.

The move is logical since the carmaker invested a lot of money to improve its factory in Crewe, England for the production of the Mulsanne. To recover the costs, Bentley should be using the plant to make more than one Bentley model here.

The Mulsanne is not expected to hit the United States soil until the fall of this year so it might be safe to think that the Bentley Azure will not be on dealerships before the fall of next year.

The new Azure though will make its presence felt when it goes on the show room with its big, classy looks and a possible V8 with 6.5L displacement under its hood combined with an eight speed gaerbox.

The expected output will be around 505 horsepower and an astounding torque of 752 pound-feet. If these are numbers then our equation will lead us to 0 to 60 mph in just a bit over 5 seconds. Not bad at all for a convertible weighing around three tons.

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