September 25, 2020

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    Rolls-Royce Ghost “Numero Uno”Over many decades, Rolls Royce has become a symbol representing all things exclusive and luxurious. Their latest offering, the Ghost(RR4) is no exception.

    However, there are still few who think there is room for improvement. Enter the ‘Numero Uno’.
    The Numero Uno is the work of German Tuning House ‘Deutsche Manufaktur’, and it could be yours, for a whopping €450,000. So what exactly do you get for that kind of money?

    According to the company, the Numero Uno features changes in the aerodynamics, design, and engineering, from the original Ghost, and is said to be targetted at “customers who want something a little more exclusive from an automobile that spells passion even in its original state.” The kit includes new front and rear spoilers, new front grill, headlight shades and forged 20″ polished wheels available in three different designs.

    Another interesting feature of this car is the ‘Adjustable Tint Glass’. Its purpose is to darken the glass, or make it clearer, at the push of a button.

    Interior options include various finished of wood, carbon fibre or alcantara. A custom steering wheel, along with a three-part set of aluminum pedals and brake handle are optional.

    Source: JamesList

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