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Prototype 0 tours the Pagani factory and sees the last Zonda Revolucion

Well who would not like to visit the Pagani factory if given a chance but obviously not everyone is that lucky to get it. But one can be happy that they will still get a chance to have a look at the factory as Prototype 0 got a chance to visit the place and they have not only visited the place but also posted dozens of photos for the benefit of all.

After walking past a Zonda Revolucion with output of 800 HP (588 kW) in the lobby, Prototype 0 was escorted to the atelier which handles the construction of Pagani’s carbon fiber components. After a brief look at a carbon fiber monocoque that was under construction, the group moved further into the production area where a couple of Huayra supercars were being completed.

The group also got a chance to see the fifth and final Zonda Revolucion which features a two-tone exterior with blue accents. The theme continues in the cabin as the black carbon fiber contrasts with the blue leather / Alcantara sport seats. Interestingly, the model was purchased by a famous Pagani collector who already owns as many as seven other Panganis.

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