Range Rover Evoque – The Compact Lavish Crossover SUV

The luxurious and stylish, Range Rover Evoque has got SVR treatment and comes with 2 fuel options, 1 transmission and 2 engines. Produced by British maker Land Rover, Range Rover is one of the most powerful SUVs on planet.

Under the hood, this 4-cylinder variant has 2 liter gasoline turbocharged engine which generates torque of 400 Nm and 210 kW. It is unmatched dynamic model that is sure to compete with Audi RS Q3 that comes with 228 kW of torque.

Nevertheless, it is strategically designed to meet the needs for higher fuel efficiency and lover CO2 emissions that would surely attract urban buyers. It is launched with 2 different models – 3-door Evoque Coupe and 5-Door Evoque. It has got luxurious and upscale cabin space.

The 8” touch-based entertainment system and sunroof that is fixed with cabin length are two main and remarkable options. The entertainment system simultaneously provides two distinct images to both front passenger and driver. It comes with push start system with which it starts automatically when it senses the key knob.

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