The Range Rover Evoque: Here are the details revealed

by Alex

The Range Rover Evoque is slated to be the car of the people by next summer. There are some photographs which have been released of the car and they depict the arty look of the car. The price of the car has been announced by Rover as starting up at £30,000 when it arrives at UK. Price of the car for different markets would be listed later.

“Cross Coupe” is the name given to the Evoque model that is of “low carbon” and has a front wheel drive. There is the optional full time four wheel drive model as well. This model appears to be like the successor to the old 3-door Range Rover. There is a four door model of the car also coming in soon.

The interior of the car is very well done up with twin needle stitching and that too in leather. There is the Terrain Response system which is housed under this cover as well as the transmission knob that has been inspired by Jaguar. There is also connectivity to cell or MP3 as and when required.

A dual view 8 inch screen is an optional fit on the dashboard. This is the type of display where the passenger and the driver both get to see the projections on the monitor.

A 17 speaker Meridian system which is powered by 825 watts is available to connect the iPod. The roof top is made of glass and therefore one gets the view of the sky and the stars depending upon time and weather.

The power horse options on offer with the car are a series of gasoline and diesel turbo engines all of which incorporates the start or stop technology. The steering is power assisted which makes the Evoque a little more greener. Together the turbo diesel generates 150 to 190 hp with the engine capacity being 2.2 liter.

The FWD 150 which is the diesel version has a fuel economy of 58 mpg Imperial or 48.3 mpg US. Or the fuel economy rating can be put down at 4.9 lt / 100km. It also has a very good rating when it comes to pollution control, in that it emits just 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer. There is also the 4X4 low-output diesel variant which has a fuel economy of 50 mpg, 41.6mpg US or 5.6lt / 100km with emission levels below 145 g CO2 / km.

The 2.0 liter Si4 engine fitted variant has a better power to torque ratio in the diesel genre. This is achieved by using the direct injection, turbocharging, and variable valve timing technology with which the car can attain 0 to 60 kmph in 7.1 seconds.

The suspension of the car is a Magnetite setup and that gives the car a comfortable driving experience as well as a sporty touch. This would be proved better when the car has been tested properly on road. Murray Dietsch, the pogram director of Land rover says “tuned the Range Rover Evoque’s chassis and Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) to deliver precise and responsive steering at lower speeds, making the car nimble and fun to drive.”

There would be three flavors of the Evoque when it is launched. First the “Pure” (aka Base), and this one gives the car a soft touch with the material used. Second would be the “Prestige,” also termed the luxury model. A 19 inch wheel is fitted in this model and lots of additional leather. Third is the Dynamic or rage Sport deluxe version. This one has 20 inch wheel to it and has the bumpers, grille, and spoilers with contrasting colors which gives it all a unique style. In future there is expected to be a hybrid version as well.

The CEO of Land Rover, Dr. Ralf Speth on the topic of including a smaller range to the Rover’s lineup says “These are exciting times for our business. Not only will the Range Rover Evoque increase our worldwide market share, it helps to define a new segment for premium compact SUVs that are more sporting and stylish.”

Source: carscoop

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