September 24, 2020

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    Who thinks in Regina on a pizza is not so wrong. Because Suzuki’s small car study is based on circular forms of the same name and is designed emphasizes flowing – and with their unusual shapes, it is emphasized edgy amid the numerous cars designed one of the biggest eye-catcher at the motor show in Tokyo.

    “Many of the eco-cars are wedge-shaped and lined with flat windshield,” said Yasukazu Yuuki, who has designed the Regina: “I wanted to change that.” In fact, the 3.55 meter long and has at least 1.63 meters wide and unaggressive Regina much friendlier than the studies of most other Japanese manufacturers, who lead a super cool futurism. It seems the little Suzuki is not static, but conveys with his flowing, tapering to the rear lines throughout the impression of speed.

    While European observers feel reminiscent of classic Citroen particular models, which, according to Yuuki’s inspiration comes from the truth in his own house in 1965, Suzuki presented compact car takes 800 including front, with its double tail lights and the rear wheel arches, the Regina anticipated. Purely pragmatic reasons, the lack of a large grille, “Do not need the 800-cubic-engine more air,” says the designer.

    Only three liters of fuel consumption

    Thanks to consistent lightweight it is compared to similarly size standard model Alto managed to reduce the curb weight by a whopping 100 kilograms. Simultaneously, the drag coefficient decreased by more than 10 percent. The result is a fuel consumption of approximately three liters per 100 kilometers – despite dispensing with costly hybridization. For propulsion provided by a conventional turbo petrol engine, which transmits its power through a CVT transmission to the front wheels.

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