Renault workers use 3D printers for making medical visors

Renault logo

Renault workers in Spain have started using 3D printers to manufacture visors for health workers from home, the French automaker, in a scheme that could be expanded to create other medical equipment elsewhere.

The move, which echoes experiments under way at other automakers to discover ways to increase production of medical equipment up to and consist ventilators, is still small-scale, while shortages in Spain and elsewhere are critical.

Employees sent home due to the factory closures following coronavirus crisis have made around 50 mask supports, which are then finished by inserting acetate sheets that shield the face, the company stated.

An engineer at the company stated it might be even able to utilize 3D printers in France to make parts for ventilators, important for treating severely ill coronavirus patients.

Another French automaker, PSA, stated it was working with Air Liquide to find ways to help the industrial gas maker boost its ventilator production.

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