Renault’s Senard to meet Nissan CEO Saikawa this week

Renault-Nissan logo

Renault’s chairman will meet Nissan’s CEO this week in Japan as they look forward to cement their collaboration after the elimination of former alliance leader Carlos Ghosn, the Japanese automaker stated on Tuesday.

Jean-Dominique Senard, named chairman of the French automaker last month, is going to visit Nissan’s headquarters located in Yokohama to meet the company’s executives and become better familiarize with its Japanese partner.

“Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa is eager to familiarize Senard with Nissan and Alliance operations to optimize their work together,” the automaker stated.

Previously in the day, Saikawa informed Japanese media that he was eager to smooth Nissan-Renault relations that have been strained in the last few months after Ghosn’s arrest in Tokyo and his quick dismissal as Nissan chairman.

“First of all, we have to regain trust and stabilize the relationship,” the Nikkei quoted Saikawa as stating. “We want him to understand more about Nissan’s (management) team.”

Kyodo news reported that Senard is going to visit for two days from February 14.

Senard, previously CEO of tire maker Michelin, joined Renault as chairman in late January after Ghosn was forced to resign from the automaker following his arrest on allegations of financial misbehavior.

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