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Report: Afzal Kahn turns down six million pound offer for F1 license plate

Hard to believe that anyone can reject the offer of £6 million for Britain’s one of the most valuable F1 nameplate but yes it has happened. Afzal Kahn from A Kahn Design rejected this cream offer of £6 million recently who uses the plate on his Bugatti Veyron.

According to one of the reports, Kahn had paid an amount of £440,625 (approx $685,745 / €512,700) for the plate in the year 2008. In spite of that he rejected the offer which could have easily earned him a net profit of about £5.5 million (approx $8.6 / €6.4 million).

When asked about the offer, a spokesperson from A. Kahn confirmed that they had received a significant multi-million pound offer for the F1 plate which they eventually rejected out of hand. The representative further stated that Mr Kahn had no interest in selling his F1 plate which is his favorite plate.

All we can say is that the amount is not less and the astounding profit of £5.5 million has been rejected which can only prove one thing – “Money cannot buy everything after all”, at least in this case it holds true and hats off to Mr.Kahn for his love towards the plate that he has shown.

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