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Samsung gets South Korea approval to test driverless car having its products

Samsung Electronics has got approval from South Korean officials to domestically test a driverless automobile fitted with its electronic parts and software, as the company aims to strengthen into the automobile industry looking for a new growth driver.

The land ministry stated the automobile is a modified version of a South Korean automaker’s vehicle utilizing Samsung’s own components like the video cameras along with its artificial intelligence software.

The company plans to use the vehicle to establish a self-driving algorithm efficient in driving in adverse weather conditions and next-generation parts for autonomous cars, the ministry informed.

“We would like to clarify that the company has no plan to go into the car manufacturing business,” the company informed Reuters in a different statement on Tuesday, and that the vehicle will enhance its development of “deep learning algorithms for autonomous operations”.

Samsung has recognized the vehicle market as a new source of growth as the marketplace for its crucial products such as smartphones develops. It finished the $8 billion acquisition of Harman International Industries previously this year, a move that analysts state might assist Samsung scale up quickly by taking control of an automobile maker with a tested performance history.

It could take years for the automobile industry to become a huge adequate organisation to match its essential memory chip and smartphone operations, however. Samsung has not clinched any significant supply agreements with automakers yet.

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