SEMA preview: 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe EcoBoost Hot Rod

1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe EcoBoost Hot RodNext week at the SEMA Show, Ford Powertrain and Detroit Street Rods are showing EcoBoost-powered 1934 Ford hot rod.

The Ford hot rod will be the “first” rear-wheel-drive application of the new 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 delivering  400 hp and 400 ft.-lb. of torque.

“This ’34 EcoBoost hot rod is a fantastic example of modern green technology being applied in a manner that any performance enthusiast would love.” said John Waraniak, SEMA vice president of Vehicle Technology.

The EcoBoost family of engines uses turbocharging and direct injection technology to deliver up to 20 percent better fuel economy and up to 15 percent fewer CO2 emissions versus larger-displacement engines.

This surely is not a bad combination putting a modern day V6 twin turbo into a hot rod, but is the fuel-efficiency really what hot rodders are looking? Personally I think nothing beats the sound of a big displacement V8 in a hot rod even though the turbocharged V6 with right exhaust can sound pretty sweet as well.

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