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johannesburg tanker crash

Seven dead after tanker crashes in Johannesburg, South Africa

A tanker carrying chemicals crashed with three vehicles on Monday in eastern South Africa, resulting in the deaths of seven people and leaving over 40 people injured.

The accident took place on a busy highway linking South Africa’s main city of Johannesburg to the eastern port city of Durban.

“Sadly seven people have sustained fatal injuries from this incident,” the province’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) tweeted and posted pictures of the smoldering damage.

Replying to the four-vehicle accident scene alongside EMS and police, private hospital group Netcare said that about 44 other patients with minor to serious injuries have been treated on the scene.

The deadly crash left the tanker, which officials said was transporting flammable liquid, in flames together with other vehicles.

EMS told local media it was still attempting to figure out chemical the tanker was carrying.

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