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SilverHorse Racing Launched a New Product – Illuminated Engine Start Button for the 2010+ Mustang: Price and Details

All the Mustangs built after 2010 are the result of hard work for those at Ford, being the most evolved Mustangs of all time with all sorts of features that makes you ride even more enjoyable. However, the folks from SilverHorse Racing thought that they can make your car even better so they developed a new Tru-Billet Illuminated Engine Start Button for the 2010+ Mustang.

According to the manufacturer, part #S297-850, the start button comes in either red and blue and is available in brushed satin anodized, gloss black anodized, or triple-chrome plated finishes, and a variety of engravings are available. In addition to that, wiring options allow the installer to set up for constant illumination whenever the key is in the ignition, or to function in conjunction with the emergency brake. This allows for the light to turn off once the car is started and the brake released, which improves night-driving visibility.

Beside this, wiring can be optioned to allow car to start from button only, or from either the key or button. The manufacturer points out that each kit is assembled by the team at SilverHorse Racing and tested for proper switch operation and illumination before being packaged and shipped, so you can buy it without any worry.

As for the pricing, the SilverHorse Racing Tru-Billet Illuminated Engine Start Button for the 2010+ Mustang is listed at $89.99. In the video below you can watch this system in action.

Source: Mustangs Daily

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