Automotive Journalist crashes Lexus IS F

Automotive Journalists are often given cars for testing and gathering information about the vehicle in order to write about them. This is the reason for which journalists not only should be really good informed about cars in general, but should be extremely careful when driving such a machine. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time, and accidents happen, regardless the reasons.

A Lexus IS F was crashed at the Monticello Motor Club in Canada, where the International Motor Press Association (New York NAMBLA) was holding a press event. The track was wet, and the journalist driving the car had way to much speed giving the weather conditions, resulting the crash. The journalist wasn’t injured, but not the same thing can be said about the car. All the left side of it has been hit, the left side of the front bumper, and the left doors being crooked.

Many say that this happens because too many journalists that do not belong are given this privilege, and because of them other journalists may not be able to test further cars, many also say that accidents happen, and that he wasn’t the only one to push the accelerator a bit further. Yet again, having the car in your hands, who could resist temptation? Just is that these things should not happen, and rules are to be followed.

Photo credit: @mdeslaueriers
Source: Jalopnik

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One thought on “Automotive Journalist crashes Lexus IS F

  1. The journalists did not have to be on a racetrack to drive fast as they drove fast on the back roads to get there. They did not use good judgement on the track and off of the track. They endangered other people lives to have fun.

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